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An open-air cafe, a banqueting hall and a sea view veranda are open from 10:00 to 24:00 at service of our guests. The hotel accommodation rates include breakfast. It is served from 8:00 to 10:00 at the open-air café or, if you prefer, it can be served to your room.

Open-Air Café with 140 seats

An open-air café with white sails of sunshades welcomes guests. Breakfast for the hotel guests is served here (special-order menu; included in room rates); here you can also have a full-course dinner or a romantic supper. A wide range of drinks and high-quality meals of European and Caucasian cuisine, light sea breeze, live music at nights and diligent service create an appropriate environment both for a party or a noisy get-together, and for pleasant quiet pastime with a cup of tea or a soft drink. For those who wish to have a private dinner, we can offer seats in a small arbor.

Banqueting Hall for 50 seats

The banqueting hall interior is designed in a marine style. Dark-wood grain finish, models of sailing ships, porthole-shaped aquaria with live exotic fish – all these creates a realistic impression  of being in a mess room of an ancient, but still prowling the oceans, ship.

The environment works exceptionally well for special events: buffets, banquets, corporate celebrations and similar events.

Owing to the state-of-the-art apparatus installed in the banqueting hall, the hall easily transforms to a conference hall. Business meetings, business negotiations, showcases, workshops, conferences, corporate training events with a number of participants of up to 50 persons can be held here.

Sea View Veranda for 20 seats

A close veranda with windows overlooking the quay adjoins the banqueting hall. You can have a nice dinner here, when the weather outside is nasty and the open-air cafe saddens in the rain; it is good to rest from summer heat with a glass of refreshment beverage; at nights, it is nice to spend time with a cup of coffee or a glass of good wine  to the music of breaking waves.

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