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Recreation in Adler is not only a generous sun and tender sea, picturesque nature and healing mineral springs – city museums, exhibition halls and other places of interest in the resort city will show and tell you many interesting things.

People choosing recreation in Adler will find an entertainment to their liking. There is everything here: water parks and play sets with amusement facilities, dendrological parks and cinema theaters, bowling clubs and nightclubs, oceanarium and dolphinarium, shopping and entertainment centers and even a genuine rock club.

  • The Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

One of the main places of interest in Adler is represented by the largest Russian oceanarium consisting of thirty aquariums with total volume of 5 mln. liters located within the area of 6 000 square meters. About 4 000 fishes including over 200 marine and freshwater species dwell here. You can find a unique display devoted to immemorial fishes. This is the only place where you can walk around the Tropical Forest, the lagoon inhabited by the koi carps, walk the ocean floor across the largest Russian acrylic tunnel (with a length of 44 meters) and look into the genuine depths of the ocean.

  • The Aquatoria Marine Park Dolphinarium

The Adler dolphinarium opened in 1998 and is still very popular both among the citizens of Sochi and among the resort guests.
Each show is a real fun for adults and children.
The Black Sea bottlenose dolphins and fur seals make amusing performances. Sea lions walk with their fore flippers and juggle. Walruses play saxophone, white whales (belugas) paint pictures, which you can buy as souvenir in auction after the show.

  • Parks

Majestic magnolias and slender cypresses; relict sequoias, yew, boxwood and ginko; fabulous cycads and rhododendrons, delicate cherry trees and wisterias; spreading sycamores and palm trees… You do not have to walk around the city and its vicinities for days on end to see all this versatility and splendor. It is enough to visit the treasuries of the Russian subtropical area – the Dendrariy Sochi Park, the Yuzhniye Kultury Adler Park, the unique wildlife museum - the yew and box forest, the famous Riviera. Such tour will give you a whole lot of vivid impressions and positive emotions at any time. In hot summer, you will be pleased with shady lanes, exuberant oleander blossom, large snow-white magnolia flowers, Chinese jasmine flavor… In autumn, you will be surprised by a vanilla scent of fragrant olives, unique yucca inflorescence, and hibiscus changing the color of its bloom from maroon to pink throughout a day... In winter, flourishing medlar and mahonia, beautiful camellia and wooly mimosa… There is no need even to mention spring – such revel of color is beyond any words.

Parks in Adler:

The Bestuzhev-Marlinskiy Park

In the active center of Adler, there is a small cozy shady place, where you can find the cool even in the hottest noon in the shade of sycamores, cedars and magnolias. It is the Bestuzhev Park. The park was founded in 1910 in memory of the Decemberist writer Aleksander A. Bestuzhev, who died in 1937 fighting highlanders on the Adler Cape. In 1957, an obelisk representing the writer’s bronze bas-relief was installed in the park.

Yuzhnyiye Kultury Dendropark

The park was founded in 1910 as per the design of the gardener and decorator А. Regel. The area of the park comprises approximately 20 hectares. Over 1 400 sorts of plants from Japan, USA, Himalayas, New Zealand, Mediterranean, North and South America, Africa and of course, the Caucasus are represented here.

Recreational Park of the Adler District of  Sochi

The park was found on May 1, 1980 in the very heart of Adler. Within the area of approximately 2 hectares, various amusement facilities for children and for adults, a dance floor, a sport complex and a concert stage are located. Both children and adults will have a merry time here. All kinds of festivals, concerts and other entertainment and holiday events are held here.

  • Museums

Quite halls of Adler museums will tell you many interesting and extraordinary stories.

Adler District History Museum

The display of the museum shows 15 000 exhibit items telling the history of the city foundation and development, about the station of the primitive men found in the Akhshtyrskaya Cave, about ancient people inhabiting these lands, about the problems and life of the first settlers, about the resort industry development and many other things.

Krasnaya Polyana Local Lore Sochi Museum

The museum display is devoted to the history of these lands form ancient times to the present days. The main part of the display is the battle for Caucasus during the World War II. Many of them were found at battlefields near the Krasnaya Polyana.

  • Museum of Flora, Fauna and Mineral Resources of the Western Caucasus

The museum is located near the royal hunting lodge. Exhibits of the Caucasian National Park unique flora and fauna are displayed here. An observation platform is situated near the. At a 800 meters height above sea level, a breathtaking mountain view opens up.

Tammsaare Memorial House

In Esto-Sadok settlement within Krasnaya Polyana, in the house built in 1910, a museum of history of Estonian settlers and stay of Anton Hansen Tammsaare, the famous novelist and Estonian literature classic in Caucasus, is located.

We also recommend visiting the following museums:

  • Sochi Art Museum, exhibiting over 3000 exhibition items of Russian, Soviet, foreign art по разделам: paintings, graphic arts, sculptures, applied and decorative arts, arts and crafts.
  • Derevo Druzhby Garden Museum – a unique lemon tree yielding Japanese tangerine fruit, Spanish oranges, Chinese kumquats, Italian lemons, and other citruses.
  • A.A.S.  Wooden Plastic Arts Gallery - 500 sculptures cut of various wood types, made by Aleksander A. Sobol, the creator and founder of the Gallery, member of the Association of Russian Artists, applied and decorative arts craftsman.
  • Ethnographic Museum in the Lazarevskoye settlement. The exhibition familiarize he visitor with national cultures of the peoples historically inhabiting the Caucasus.
  • Stalin’s Country House Museum.
  • Museum of History of Sochi, the oldest museum in Sochi. The museum facilities hold over 100 000 exhibit items. The exhibition premises consisting of twelve halls with total area of over 700 square meters and 4 000 unique exhibit items familiarize the visitors with the history of the Caucasian Riviera and the city of Sochi from ancient times to present days. A unique collection of antique golden adornments, Bosporan, Roman, Byzantine and other coins, Caucasian cold and fire arms is displayed here.
  • Cinema Theaters

There are two cinema theaters in Adler: the Oktyabr on Kirova street and the Komsomolets (broadcasting 3D movies) on Ulyanova street, as well as six modern movie halls in the recently opened Plaza shopping and entertainment center.
At the Moremall shopping and entertainment center in Sochi, you can watch movies in the IMAX format.

  • Night Clubs in Adler

The night clubs of Adler, the FeRoom and the Plazma, invite those who prefer bright lights of night Adler to the noon sun and those who wish to have a merry evening, make nice acquaintances and dance to your heart's content.
A cuisine complying with the highest European standards, Japanese snacks, exotic cocktails from experienced bartenders, an amusing show program including performance of entertainment stars and dance bands, foam parties and contemporary dance music are offered to the guests.

  • Bowling Clubs in Adler

FeRoom Bowling Club offers ten bowling lanes and a cafe where you can have a snack or a refreshing cocktail at the service of the guests. A special children’s menu and special children’s lanes fitted with are provided.

Strike Bowling Club is equipped with eight lanes and fast pin spotters, which allow play many rounds within the set term. The facility capacities allow playing even for the littlest guests. The club has a bar where you can order meals of European cuisine, various cocktails and beer.

  • Treugolnik Rock Club

This is the favorite recreation spot of the adherents of nonconformist youth subculture. Local rock bands and famous touring artists perform here. Exclusive DVD concerts are broadcasted on a large screen when no concerts are given.
The club menu offers soups and second courses, salads, the Treugolnik specialty pizza, as well as a wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks.

  • Theatrical and Concert Venues

You will always find interesting and rich entertainment programs on the outdoor performance stages of Adler Recreation Park, Riviera Park Zelenyiy Theater, Frunze straw-hat theater, Festivalnyiy Concert Hall, the Arts Square, Yuzhnoye Vzmorie resort’s concert halls, at the Organ and Chamber Music House, at Zimniy Theater stage, at Sochi Circus.
The festival season lasts the entire year: in January, the KIVIN festival for the KVN teams; in March, the Khrustalnaya Magnoliya festival for young performers; in May, the major beer exhibition; in June, the famous Kinotavr festival; in July, the Pyat Zviozd, the traditional contest among young performers»; in August, the Black Sea jazz festival; in October, the Barkhatnyiye Sezony fashion festival; in November, the children’s Kinotavrik festival and the Black Sea regattas… Various exhibitions and trade fairs, concerts of almost any star celebrities, plays of leading theatrical and musical groups of Russia alternate between whiles.

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