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Beaches and water parks


Prichal Hotel located three meters from the sea front is definitely the best choice for those who prefer beach holidays. Upon leaving the hotel, just a few step towards the sea, you get to the equipped city beach called Chayka.

A large beach lane with fine pebble, changing huts, showers, lavatories, rent of beach equipment and outfit and various water entertainments are at your service.

On the quay lining the entire beach, there are shops with beach accessories, souvenirs, ice cream and soft drinks stands, cafes and restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Other City Beaches in Adler:

  • the Ogoniok Beach (located between Romashek and Gogolya streets). This is a very large beach (with fine pebble and sand). There are no breakwaters here, but there is a quay pier disposing boats and tween decks, and a landing pier for crafts. Like on other beaches of Adler, you can find rent of sun loungers and sunshades, changing hubs, drinking fountains, an aerarium here. On the wide quay (the largest in Adler) there are sitting benches, cafes, bars, various shopping outlets and a play ground with amusement facilities.
  • the Zhemchuzhina Sochi (between the Mzymta river bank and Bestuzhev street) has a large beach lane with fine pebble (almost sand), without breakwaters. Vicinity of the Mzymta mountain river is the specialty of this beach, so the water is somewhat colder here. However, for some it is only a great virtue.

Water Rides

A full range of water amusements is available across the beaches of Adler: banana boat rides, disk boating and water skiing, parasailing, rent of tween decks (paddleboats) and jet boats (hydrocycles) are offered. You can even go diving and snorkelling to the bottom of the Black Sea.

Pleasure tours aboard passenger motor boats for sightseeing, or  yachting with offshore swimming in the open sea are available for those who prefer sea for the sea's sake.

Avid (and not too avid) fishers can go on three-hour boat tours by a motor smack board.

Thrill-seekers can go rafting down the mountain Mzymta river on group rafting by pneumatic boats.

Water Parks

Perhaps, one of the most popular passtimes at the resort is water park visits. An big complex of various water rides and pools, and a well-developed beach infrastructure offer a variety of entertainments for hours and even days here. This type of recreation activity becomes more and more popular each year.

There are six large water parks in Sochi.

The nearest to the Prichal Hotel water park is the Amphibius Water Park. It is located on the territory of the Resort Town (ul. Lenina, 219) and offers 16 water rides to the guests. Here you can find Kimikadze chute with a height of 15 meters, windy tube with a length of over 100 meters called «Blue Hall»; Laguna, Gigant, Multispusk and Kosichka  chutes; a curious aquatic slalom called Taboga;  several swimming pools including a wading poll surrounded by such amusement devices as Zmey, Slon, Osminog, Fantasiya. There is also a “terrestrial” children’s amusements facility – the Yegipetskaya Krepost swing set.

In multiple open-air cafes, pubs and bars, pizzerias located within the territory of the water park you can take a break from the waters, quench your thirst and have a meal. Children’s café is open for kids.

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