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Resort treatment

Rest is the best cure for distress and nervous strains.

Recreation in sunny Adler produces an energy and health boost for the whole year.

The healing climate of the humid subtropical region generated by the warm Black Sea and the high Caucasian Mountains, favors to cure many diseases. Seabathing, sun and air baths represent a string fortifying and immune-stimulating factor. The exotic subtropical plants saturate the air with phytoncids and the sea with beneficial ions. Thus, a mere stay at the resort will yield benefit to your body.

Nevertheless, the resort is famous around the world not only with these wonderful climatic conditions. Here, some prized mineral water springs (sulphureted hydrogen, iodide-bromine, sodium chloride, and acidulated water) had been found.

Sulphureted Hydrogen Waters (the deposit was named Matsesta) know no equals around the world. They are unique both in their composition (highly mineralized sulphide waters, saturated with iodide, bromine, fluorine, boron, silicon, with a high concentration of free hydrogen sulphide), and in their therapeutic effect.

The Matsesta spa heals locomotion, cardio-vascular and nervous system diseases, peripheral vascular diseases, gynecological disorders, infertility, diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, burn and surgery keloid scars.

Due to the powerful impact of the Matsesta waters on the human body, they are applied only on doctor’s prescription in the form of baths, showers, watering and inhalation.

But their composition, the Resort Iodide-Bromine Waters  are similar to the waters of Caucasian mineral springs, of the Ust-Kachka and some foreign resorts; however, the presence of potassium, magnesium, calcium, fluorine, ferrum and other microelements in these waters gives them special properties and improves the efficiency of impact on the human body.

Iodide-bromine baths normalize the nervous system operation and metabolism; improve sleep, mildly reduce blood pressure, improve venous and capillary circulation, and body resistance.

Drinking Mineral Waters of Sochi include the following types of waters: hydrocarbonade chloride sodium boric; hydrocarbonade chloride sodium iodide; hydrocarbonade sodium boric; acidulous sodium hydrocarbonate sodium-calcic (sodium-calcium) arsenious waters.

Owing to a favorable combination of medium mineralization and  presence of such chemical elements as fluorine, boron, bromine, iodide, silicone, ferrum, arsenic and etc., the resort drinking mineral waters possess not only healing properties but also excellent flavor, quench thirst and by some characteristics excel similar waters of popular resorts in France, Spain and Germany.

Many resorts and recreation centers prescribe. the drinking mineral waters  in the resort treatment programs. Several drinking pavilions, where the resort guests can drink these waters individually upon medical consultation, are built in Sochi. For the drinking purposes, the mineral waters are bottled and sold in the retail chain of the city under the following names: Chvizhepse, Lazarevskaya, Plastunskaya, Sochinskaya, Psezuapse.

Adler Resorts and Recreation Centers perfectly employ all natural healing factors of the resort for health care and rehabilitation of the guests. Besides, they have advanced medical facilities, which allow profound treatment of various diseases. One of the best resorts – Yuzhnoye vzmorie – is located near Prichal Hotel. Here you can undergo profound medical examination, receive the required treatment or rehabilitation in accordance with short-term special-purpose programs, or enjoy popular spa treatment.

A consultation visit to your doctor will help you choose an appropriate time of coming to the resort. Having a health resort card will reduce the examination time and will help a resort health specialist to draw up the most beneficial treatment regimen for you.

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